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Koki Nakaura

Liberal Arts Studies & Regional Development


​Koki Nakaura

BA in Political Science Minor in Regional Development

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I'm Koki Nakaura, a second year student in the School of International Liberal Arts, Waseda University. The damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake sparked my interest in regional revitalization issues, and I am facing issues from various perspectives not only by attending lectures, but also by launching student organizations and activities, as well as internships in Japan and overseas.

Education & Experience

University of Richmond – Richmond, VA, United states 

Exchange Business Student: Public Policy & Accounting

GPA: 3.69/4.0

Virginia General Assembly, Delegate Rodney Willet Office, Secretary Apprentice

Waseda University – Tokyo, Japan.

BA in Liberal Arts; Minor in Regional Development

Matthew Consulting, Participatory Budgeting Committee, Consulting Assistant

House of Representatives, Kiyoshi Igarashi Office, Congressional, Secretary Apprentice

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