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Education & Skills

​You can download the resume below.



2022 fall-Present

University of Richmond, VA, United States (Exchange Business Student)

◆From August 2022, exchange student at the University of Richmond, Virginia, USA​

◆ Political subjects such as public policy and economic subjects such as accounting and microeconomics

◆School Band,Belongs to the Badminton Club

2021 spring-present

Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan 

Bachelor/University / March 2025 Graduation​ General Studies / Liberal Arts    GPA : 3.69

◆ Take Political Economy/Business and set regional cooperation as a minor

​ Formed a research group of 10 people to conduct activities focusing on regional revitalization and nuclear energy in the Fukushima nuclear power plant and the earthquake disaster area, Field W.Started activities centered on ork (November 2021)

Aiming to reduce the suicide rate in Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture, conducted a field survey in the Tohoku disaster area and collaborated with local governments and local NPOs (February 2020)

Skills and Languages


 JapanLanguage: Native level

 English:   advanced level(Eiken Level 1, TOEFL iBT 101 points)

Chinese: Beginner level

​ Education/Culture/Life: Mathematics Test Level 2


 ◆ Application of Leadership Demonstrated by Everyone

As a leader, I can create an environment for successful projects. I took Waseda University's "Leadership Development" in the spring semester of 2022, and by learning practical leadership that all members can demonstrate, I discovered the leadership that best suited me and applied it to my internship. Specifically, as a leader of the Studyplus sales intern project, set and share goals, set an example for team members, and create multiple opportunities for casual discussions outside of work to ensure psychological safety within the group. We have created an environment in which each can demonstrate their leadership and support each other.

 ◆ Self-growth through flexibility

I can be flexible and try to solve problems. Due to my father's job transfer, I changed schools a total of 5 times during my compulsory education period. As a sales intern at Studyplus Co., Ltd., while referring to the given manual, I always review and make improvements after each sales session, and always receive advice from employees and apply it immediately to improve the success rate of business negotiations. improved. In addition, we carefully analyze the volume and speed of business negotiations with customers, the wording and order of explanations, etc., find the optimal method, and present it at an in-house presentation meeting held once a month. improved.

 ◆ Willingness to achieve goals

During my sales internship at Studyplus, I was always conscious of achieving my goals. As a result of constantly updating the process for achievement and incorporating it into actual work, the success rate of business negotiations increased for the fifth consecutive month. Among all interns, I was consistently ranked number one in sales performance from the time I joined the company to the time I left the company.       

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