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The damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake sparked my interest in regional revitalization issues, and I am facing issues from various perspectives not only by attending lectures, but also by launching student organizations and activities, as well as internships in Japan and overseas.Here, I would like to introduce my activities since I entered university.  



Virginia Legislature, Rodney Willett Office (January-March 2022)

​I did an internship as a congressman in the Virginia State Legislature, USA.

Assisting representatives in their affairs, summarizing the opinions of lobbyists and local residents on the bill, and conveying them to the representatives through a dedicated platform or by word of mouth

◆ Participating in the Agriculture and Finance Committees and the plenary session and constantly considering the differences from the Japanese Diet

◆ Carefully read emails and documents from local organizations and residents, summarize the key points, and submit them to the representative

◆ Participate in informal meetings hosted by other representatives, summarize information, and provide information to representatives


​ ``SEEDs'' Community Activity Student Group (October-April 2022)

I belonged to the student group SEEDs at the university where I studied abroad.

◆ Conduct fieldwork mainly in West Virginia, visit professors and committees of other universities, and local residents to learn about industry, social security, and the environment.

◆Delicate issues such as race, history, and gender are discussed within the organization by diverse members.

◆ Visit free clinics and churches in the state and do volunteer work

​ ◆Creating SEEDs Journal and distributing it on campus



​City Board Intern, Matthew Consulting (September 2022-May 2023)

When I was studying abroad, I did an internship at the city's citizen-participatory budget committee through a political consultant.

◆ Citizen Participatory Budget Formulation Collecting cases of other countries and states, converting them into data and submitting it to the committee

◆ Plan and hold forums at universities in order to raise awareness of public participation-type budgets.

◆Creating a website for the committee and posting related articles on a regular basis

Participate in the committee every other week and hold a consulting meeting every other week

​←The photo was taken at a forum held at my university.

​Created Richmond city participatory budgeting sitehere


Representative office of Kiyoshi Igarashi (January-April 2022)

​I did an internship at the office of Mr. Kiyoshi Igarashi in the 2nd Members' Office Building.

◆ Assisting Diet members with clerical work and coordinating times for meetings (leks) between Diet members and national civil servants

◆ Participated in three parliamentary groups in Japan, such as agriculture, transportation, and energy issues

◆ Providing policy-related newspaper information to members of the Diet

◆ Held at least five regular meetings of the Diet Members Political Federation and adjusted the schedule.



​ ``Thinking after the earthquake'' student group​ (October 2021-present)

I started a student organization with a friend I met in a lecture on "Thinking about post-earthquake disasters," and I am working on it.

◆Meetings are held twice a month to discuss topics brought in by students.

◆ Conduct fieldwork in Tokyo and learn about civil engineering and regional revitalization

◆Visit areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, ask local residents about the current situation, and visit the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

◆Activities were featured in a book by Professor Keiko Kaneko, Faculty of Education, Waseda University


StudyPlus Co., Ltd., New Business Division (September 2021-July 2022)

◆ Hold more than 50 business talks with Japanese high schools regarding our products and acquire new customers ◆ Manage project team members and plan multiple events for intern members

◆ Guidance to 10 junior intern members in a limited time, improve skills and systems, and increase productivity

◆Draft an efficient method for smooth negotiations

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